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2.1. The BELL tests {#sec3} The section has been divided into 5 easy and 5 difficult questions, both of them on Likert scale, in line with the recommendations of the BELL (Avello *et al*. [@ref6]) for a pedagogical approach in the Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. Each question has been assigned a number of points depending on the level of difficulty, from 0 to 3. The total score is calculated by the sum of the correct answers (correct answers score 1, incorrect answers 0). This score ranges between 0 and 15. Scores from 0 to 6 indicate a very high level of difficulty, scores between 7 and 9 indicate a high level of difficulty, scores between 10 and 14 indicate a moderate level of difficulty and scores between 15 and 15 indicate a low level of difficulty ([Table 1](#tbl1){ref-type="table"}).Table 1BELL listening test score ranges.Table 1BELL scoreBELL test rangeBELL scoreTest**0 -- 0**0 0--3**1 -- 3**4 -- 6**7 -- 9**10 -- 14**15 -- 15**BELL listening test score**0 -- 03 -- 30 - 6 - 910 - 1415 - 15 The score given by the examiner should be the final score, so he/she should not fill it out on the score sheet, but it should be filled out on a separate sheet and kept aside. 3. Reading test {#sec4} ---------------




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Delf B1 Pdf Free Download [Updated-2022]
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