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You Won't Want to Leave Your Chalet

Words cannot describe how amazing this accommodation is. Its private, quiet and in the middle of a field looking out onto the forest. You'll see kookaburras, parrots, emus, kangaroos (wallabies maybe?), sheep, horses, chickens... the list goes on. It sounds noisy but it isn't. The animals are no bother not even the dogs (they run past every now and again but keep to themselves mostly). The views are spectacular and the chalets make it so easy to enjoy them. Its super comfortable from the couch to the bed to the shower. Amenities were in abundance. Katrina (one of the owners?) was so generous to give us produce that she had grown herself. She also asked us what we liked to do (hiking and eating of course) and she proceeded to map out various places to visit and hike and where to go eating and drinking. Enjoyed every little thing. The location is perfect, you're 2 mins from town. The owners were lovely and amazing. The chalet was perfect. We can't wait for our next visit.

by Mickey234 22nd May 2018


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